* Custom Software Development
C++, Java / .NET Programming; Embedded software development; Application re-engineering and re-factoring...
* Internet/Intranet Software Development
Client/Server and Distributed application development; CRM; Corporate document and knowledge management systems; Web Development.
* Offshore Development Center
Reserved personnel and equipment for an offshore project according to customer's business goals.

With Byte Solution custom software development services, you reduce outsourcing software development costs and enhance revenue growth due to our:

  High responsiveness
  Skilled and organized personnel
  Solid experience in projects of different complexity and scope
  Mature software development process
  On-time and within budget delivery
Cost-competitive custom software programming services
COMPITITIVE ADVANTAGES Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance Services

Byte Solution offers the following benefits for the clients worldwide:

Top-class quality
To ensure bright quality of all the services offered, Byte Solution implies quality management for each product development stage, including requirements management, development processes, product functionality and usability, delivery and technical support.
Great cost savings
Actual labor costs in India allow producing software at up to 60% lower cost than in USA, Canada, and Western Europe.
Complete suite of services
We undertake every aspect of your project: requirements management, product design and architecture, programming and development, quality assurance, documentation preparation, technical support, and maintenance.
Security and Confidentiality
To guarantee the secure management of your trade secrets, source codes, copyrights and any information involved in the product development, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Byte Solution offers offshore software testing services. Our dedicated team of skilled software testers, Offshore QA Lab, provides a full range of quality assurance services (QA), including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and reporting, control of software development processes.

It is known that software quality and its conformation to requirements, standards and objectives underlies the effectiveness of such product. Our Offshore QA support software QA both for small and large development projects. We are able to test software product user-friendliness, stability, security, its adherence to functional and performance requirements, and some other aspects.